Shaping the networks of the future, Path to 10G Broadband

10G addresses the increasing demand for higher, symmetrical broadband speeds, lower latencies, and enhanced reliability and security, By combining technologies, 10G will enable Cable operators to leverage their investment in Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) networks to deliver internet speeds of 10Gb/s upstream and downstream, 10 times faster than today - and 100 times faster than what most consumers currently experience.

CommScope and ARRIS have come together, sharing know-how in designing and building networks. Our end-to-end expertise and portfolio puts us in a unique position to support 10G rollout for any type of network topology and technology.

CommScope is investing in the technologies such as Full Duplex DOCSIS and Extended Spectrum DOCSIS that will give operators the tools they need to deliver 10G.


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10G_MarketoLandingPage_img1.jpgDefining 10G


10G in your network


Industry Discussions on 10G

Defining 10G

Exactly what does 10G—a trademark of NCTA, the main U.S. broadband industry trade association—mean?

Article: Introducing 10G: The Next Great Leap for Broadband

Article: What is 10G broadband?

Article: 10G broadband

Industry Discussions on 10G

Why do we need 10G? How will it be implemented? What are the experts saying?

What is 10G?

Introducing 10G: The Next Great Leap for Broadband

Upcoming 10G speaking sessions

How does 10G affect different parts of the network?

Access networks

Increased penetration will impact the HFC networks’ ability to support growth over the next 10 years. Based on decades of experience, ARRIS—now part of CommScope—shares some advice on preparing for this.

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10G is not a moment in time. It’s a transformation of modern cable networks that will form the foundation of unprecedented services and consumer experiences. In a world where Speed + Latency is the New Normal, CommScope’s decision to unveil three entirely new network technologies at SCTE is a powerful statement we’re continuing to build the future of human connection.

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In the passive optical network, 10G makes it possible to add a variety of functionalities: You can integrate 10 Gbps symmetrical EPON and DWDM and deliver managed voice, video, data and IoT services.


GPON Gateways

Remote PHY

CommScope’s 10G roadmap comprises a growing portfolio of traditional and distributed access architecture (DAA) OSP solutions. A new remote PHY solution extends the benefits of DAA to both traditional segmented and fiber-deep architectures.

New Remote PHY Device


CommScope helps existing networks become the foundation for tomorrow’s success and prepare for the bandwidth and latency demands of 10G.

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Let us help you simplify the path to 10G

Would you like to find out more, or discuss your specific situation and requirements? We look forward to helping you realize a smooth, flexible migration to 10G—regardless of your current architecture.

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